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just one thing

Title: just one thing
Pairing(s): Ohno/Jun
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1300
Summary: Ohno gives Jun some hands-on education.
Notes: Originally written for the summer smut meme here. The prompt was 'Fishing much to Jun's displeasure,' with requests for nasty things (including that well-known kink "anything really"). I only included one of those nasty things though, because I wrote this in fifteen minutes. >>

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way.

Somehow, this whole hanging-out-with-Ohno thing (that Jun had admittedly been a little wary of in the first place--he loves Leader, cross his heart, but their hobbies don't exactly line up and they both know that) had turned into a game of Leader Says. Not that Ohno had to say much--he'd met up with Jun that morning decked out in his fishing uniform, carrying a large assortment of rods and even a tacklebox (with his name engraved on it).

But his smile was too wide and his excitement too big and bold for Jun to turn him down. He was a little hungover and hadn't had any energy to protest much, so when he opened the door and saw Ohno all ready to go, he just sighed.

"We're going fishing, aren't we," Jun said flatly.

And Ohno had nodded. The sun was practically beaming out of his ass. "It's going to be fun, Matsujun," he'd promised.

"We can only hope," Jun mumbled. He pulled on a shirt and jeans and let himself be dragged away by Ohno, who had started to hum a fisherman's song. The only reason Jun knew it was because he'd heard Nino complain about it five bajillion times before, and also because it was Ohno's ringtone for everybody and anybody.

In the back of Jun’s mind he hoped that maybe the fishing gear was just a setup, and that they’d actually be going into the city for some marine convention and Jun could distract himself with other things, or maybe to an art museum (though that didn’t explain why Ohno would be wearing all of that). But by the time they’d reached the wharf and Jun was being helped into a boat, he’d resigned himself to the fact that yes: he was fishing. Matsumoto Jun, cool kid extraordinaire and man of great sex appeal, was playing with lines and bait and scaly, slimy ocean creatures.

He looks over the side of the boat now, so miserably that he hopes his face will scare all the fish away. But then Leader would be sad—-or he would probably just want to stay out longer until he actually caught something. So Jun tries to smile.

"Matsujun," Ohno says, sliding over so that they’re shoulder-to-shoulder. "Are you okay? You look seasick. Like Nino." He laughs and begins to assemble his fishing poles in some kind of complex order.

Jun looks away, back to the sea.

"Don’t worry," Ohno says quietly, and when Jun turns to him he’s smiling gently. "I know you’ll love fishing too."


It’s been several hours and Jun hasn’t caught a thing, even with the boat captain’s meticulous instructions and Ohno’s caring fingers correcting Jun’s posture.

"Not exactly feeling the love, here," he says blandly to Ohno’s profile.

"You will," Ohno replies, not turning around. "Trust me."


Thirty minutes later and Ohno catches his first fish. There’s an almost exaggerated struggle with the huge thing, but when it’s calm (and dead, Jun supposes), Ohno couldn’t be any more pleased.

"Let’s take a picture," he says, and gives his cell phone to the captain. Jun is forced to stand on one side of the tuna while Ohno occupies the other half, and they both grin against the sheen of the fish’s scales. The smell makes Jun want to claw someone’s eyes out.

The picture gets sent to the rest of Arashi and Ohno reads out loud Sho’s reply, which comes not even five minutes later.

"I hope," Ohno reads, squinting at the tiny screen, "that you’ve taught Jun-kun all the ropes. Smiley face, smiley face...times six."

"Have you taught me everything?" Jun says, trying to sound like he’s really interested in knowing more, even though he knows Leader understands him well enough to know that he would rather swim home than stay any longer. "Did we miss anything important that I should know?"

Ohno hums.

"One thing," he says. "Just one."


Two hours later Jun is bent over the side of the boat, held in place by Ohno’s hands on his hips, gripping tightly. There’s a slight storm coming over and the rhythmic up-and-down, side-to-side motion from the waves bangs Jun’s hipbones into the cold metal of the railing, but he can’t really feel it. He can’t really feel much besides Ohno’s lips nipping hard at his earlobe, whispering nonsense words that Jun just knows are tangy-sweet and oh so dirty.

Behind him he can feel Ohno in him all at once even though Leader promised with doe eyes to take it slow and be careful. But he’s not being any of those things and Jun doesn’t care, he loves this—-the wind is kicking up the ocean dangerously close to his face and he can feel the sea salt misting over his face, cooling the searing flush spreading over his cheekbones. He can’t keep his eyes open all the way but when he does he gets snatches of green, blue, grey; behind him he can feel the hot red of Ohno, growing brighter and nastier with each angry-ocean jerk of Ohno’s hips to Jun’s backside.

"Fuck, yes, fuck," Ohno breathes, and his last note ends high-pitched. Jun keens, biting down on his knuckles to muffle the sound, but his cries just get louder and he hates himself for it. He hates Ohno for this. He hates the fucking captain of the boat for taking a fucking nap, and he hates fishing, he fucking hates fishing.

Jun can hear the slapping of Ohno’s balls against the back of his thighs and it’s almost too much. He thinks of the ways his skin isn’t white anymore because Ohno is rough and hard and keeps talking about how Jun is so pretty naked and bent over and whining for more. He thinks of what Ohno’s cock would taste like if he just pulled away and dropped to his knees (and they’d scrape against such hard floor, but whatever, let them scar) and finished Ohno off with a few quick sucks. Salty like the sea, like the fish that Ohno so loves to catch? Or more earthy, like the city dirt buried under sidewalks?

Or maybe a little sweet, like Aiba’s, sweet and a little sour and filling his whole mouth in no time at all. Jun moans again, remembering that time—-Nino had been there too, hadn’t he, hidden in the shadows and emerging only at the last second-—and his hands scrabble to grip the side of the boat, but there’s nothing there for him to hold onto.

"Matsujun," Ohno says, low and gruff, and Jun just pushes back in response, "Matsujun, you can touch yourself. Come on, Jun-kun, you know you want to—just jerk off, make yourself come all over this fucking boat."

Jun comes before he even has all five fingers wrapped around him and when he opens his eyes there’s the sea again, thrashing in his face, so loud that he almost doesn’t hear the smacking sounds or Ohno’s moans anymore. When he looks below him at his hand and his legs there’s come all over the wooden flooring of the boat.

The next wave that comes up washes it all away and Jun arches suddenly as Ohno digs his nails far into skin, leaving, Jun is sure, the pinkest, brightest half-moons all over his thighs: Leader was here, here, and here.


Jun still has half-moon scars and the taste of sea salt in his mouth two days later. He thinks about telling Ohno, but that might just make him seem like a slut.

That is, until he gets invited out on the boat again.

"You seemed to get the hang of it," is all Ohno says when Jun asks him why.

So he says yes.

"I’m sure there are lots of things I haven’t learned," Jun says politely. "You know, that hands-on stuff."

Ohno just laughs.

Tags: !fandom: johnny's entertainment, group: arashi, pairing: ohno/jun, rating: nc-17
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