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fic index.

As the title suggests.

* Last updated 7/2/2012.

Sorted first by fandom, then by pairing and date added.

Newest added to the bottom of its respective category.



I Saw That | pg | 241
Can't hide from me.

It's Not Like You | pg | 283
Come back the way you were.

A Little Alone | pg-13 | 338
Just come back.

Dawn | pg | 740
It's dawn, but neither of them forgot about what happened earlier.

The Angst Whore | pg-13 | 812
Draco Malfoy: thespian in the making. Prelude of sorts to The Draco Malfoy Angst Chronicles.

The Draco Malfoy Angst Chronicles 1 2 3 4 | pg-13 | ~7000
In which Draco writes his own life tragedy; Harry literally muses; and a calamity of events ensues.

untitled #1 | pg | 564
Please forget me, Draco says. And Harry tries. He really does.

HP to DM, and so forth | g
Poetry. Correspondence.

untitled #2 | pg-13 | 951
Contains some of the vaguest imagery ever. A scene where Harry lusts; Draco bites; and people notice. But not really in that order.

drabble city, to-nite | pg | ~600 | also includes: ginny/luna, hermione/pansy, harry/ginny
Four drabbles.

Knit | pg | 304
He told Harry to knit him a scarf.

Rhodanthe | pg | 651
Take him out to the rose garden.

A Safe Place, or, Le Loup | pg | 492
Harry has a Draco-cave, but Draco has something else.

Piano | pg | 434
It flows.

moon | pg | 183
Bella luna, my beautiful, beautiful moon.

What's So Special | pg | 1236
Dialogue-only. Draco wants to know what's so special about Hogsmeade.

Kokoro | pg-13 | 1182
He is heart; he is all heart. You can see the beating of it in your mind when you close your eyes.

Wreck of the Day | pg-13 | 2475
11 drabbles set to Anna Nalick's Wreck of the Day.

Gray Cat | PG | 1746
Animagus tests; playing around; and meowing.

Rosa | pg-13 | 1486
'Rosa, you can't go in there.' (Otherwise known as the creepy!fic.)

untitled #3 | pg | 581
The world is ending.

Remember? | pg | 529
Draco wonders if Harry remembers.

It's the Heat (The Epidemic) | pg | 1203
Love strikes Hogwarts sometime in the late spring and has attacked so severely some teachers are calling it an epidemic.

Harold | pg | 1943
You've been asked to babysit the new neighbor's son for an afternoon. And he is familiar. A little too familiar.

And Then The Ooze (The Epidemic pt. 2) | pg | 1511
It's winter now, and surprisingly the epidemic wanes into a slow, sluggish, and hateful ooze that moves through the school. Love sucks, yeah?

untitled #4 | pg | 1726
There's no such thing as coincidence.

Peter Pan and the Amazing PopTarts; or, Bring out the Buns and Jam | pg-13 | 1326
Correspondence of the perverted variety.

and all the things i threw | pg | 1175
Draco has a thing for saying sorry and throwing objects, and Harry--well, Harry plays the fool.

I Kept it in my Knickers | pg-13 | 2026
Harry is a housewife, Draco gets a credit card, Hermione is a social butterfly, and the laundry company violates their terms of service.

Glitter | pg | 1668
Harry's Friday night consisted of Draco, glitter, finger-sucking, fishnet stockings, jelly bracelets, more glitter, hitting the clubs, and...well...meeting halfway.

Tellyfone | pg | 937
An endlessly ringing phone, stuffed toys, the left side, the right side, Kitty, the color of your knickers and a sock--that's 10 AM in the Potter flat for you.

untitled #5 | pg | 919
He would not dare come closer.


Always | pg | 300
He can always see her.


cherry juice | pg | 432
Ginny is a cherry; and Ron does not mind at all.


Anything and Nothing | pg | 519
In the arms of Sirius Black, Remus can do anything.


the truth about forever | pg | 2176 | also includes: james/lily
Forever only lasts until forever ends.

Luna/Zacharias Smith

tulips | g | 512
Luna isn’t so strange that she can’t understand why Zacharias Smith and his father (no mother or wife) are moving into the big house across the way from her own. No, she understands it perfectly.

i can be your disability | pg | 527
If Luna shuts her eyes, she can pretend she's blind.

it was nothing you said | pg | 548
When Zacharias gets angry, Luna...well, watches him.

the love song of... | pg | 868
When Luna can't sleep, Zacharias reads to her.

letters between the meadow 1 2 | pg | ~500

He has to laugh at it because it cannot be real. It cannot be fathomed. It is just—a dream.


oui-oui: a love story | pg-13 | 2266
See the sun. See the moon. See the eclipse. And let there be light.

Lunaluck | g | 104
By the time she's done, Luna has created Lunaluck.


Trapped | g | 152
Poor squid.


conflagration: a great amount of fire | g
Poetry. If she had to describe it--


She Who Fancied Death | pg | 1203
Luna watches, decides, and in the end, gets her blonde ringlets soaked in blood.


polka dots in july | pg | 265
Lily has polka-dotted knickers on the fifth of July.


Vanity | pg-13 | 756
Hermione is not vain on any account. Not for herself, anyway.


Cheers, Pansy | pg | 1426
Dialogue-only. Chocolate, Pansy, Harry, two firewhiskies, first names, House unity, a broken heart, and Slytherins are capable of loving.


daisy love | g | 493
Harry Potter was Ginny's daisy-love, and that it would stay. 'He loves me, he loves me not...'


observation | pg | 777 | also includes: harry/draco, ron/hermione, harry/ginny
It's fine with Ginny if nobody notices her, because she uses that time to notice them.


Rain | g| 414
He wants it all back.

Crack | pg-13 | 726
Let the boy crack under the pressure.


planetarium | pg | 500
Only at night do the stars come out to play.


Speak | pg | 1264
Blaise and Seamus do with their eyes what other people do with their voices.

Blaise/Priscilla (OFC)

april showers | pg | 549
To the beat of her heart and the first rain that ever fell in April, Blaise falls in love for the first time.


only a game | pg | 450
He doesn't love her, that much is sure.


unidentifiable shadow | pg | 456
He is wary, wanting, and winding (or possibly already wound) down.



Ryo/Ueda (NewS/KAT-TUN)

what didn't happen | pg-13 | 634
"None of that happened, though!" 

five names ryo calls ueda (while they're having sex) | r | 510
"You're on the bottom because I don't want to see any fucking fairies." 



untitled | pg-13 | 945
You can't help but love Tegoshi.


Charmed | pg-13 | 5071
It might have begun with a game of spin the bottle mixed with truth or dare--Shige doesn't really remember.



Clockwork | r | 1976
There's a clock on Ohno's wall, right across from his bed. (Also in this one, Ohno is a machine, Nino doesn't know the limits of his own body, and there are puppies and Aiba/Jun. Who's on crack, now?)

four ohmiya drabbles | pg | 159, 166, 175, 465
Fish. Taxis. Salads. Milk.

at the end of the hook | pg | 1438
Nino is going crazy while Ohno is out tanning. Or fishing. Or being a mermaid.

Encaustic | pg-13 | ~23,000
Come help with the farm. Art school won't miss you for one month, right? Ohno works on an acerola farm and Nino is the paper boy. Contains three parts, all linked to each other within the fic.

on this night in a million nights | pg | ~1100
"To seven days," Ohno says then, and raises his bottle to Nino's. "To a week." Side story from Encaustic.


time to run | r | 5208
Sho is happiest watching Jun run. (Or, what do you get when you put Jun on the track team and give Sho a pair of well-trained eyes?)

Intentions | nc-17 | ~2700
Sho swears that he didn't mean it the way Jun thought he did.


the untitled jun birthday fic | pg | 2151
A mixture of the following: a late-night voicemail, Aiba probably crying, reminiscing, Ohno, alcoholic beverages, cheese, and love. D'aw.

just a little prince and his rose | pg | ~2000
Aiba gets a book in the mail and gets a little emotional. Jun frets.


slow passion to that deliberate progress | pg | 1181
"Time flies when you are doing nothing. Believe me, I know." + Midnight snails and kissing-streets.

Island Dreaming | pg | ~10,300
When Sho goes to Hawaii for two months, he writes the rest of Arashi letters to keep in touch. But the ones for Aiba are a little different than the rest...


still you don't regret a single day | pg | ~16,600
AU. Aiba gets thrown out of his apartment and learns that keeping people happy isn't the same as living the life you want to. Contains two parts, which are linked to each other within the fic.


Of Tomorrows | pg | ~19,900
Sho's assignment for the month of August is simple enough: find Ninomiya Kazunari. Also contains Ohno/Jun and implied Aiba/Jun.


just one thing | nc-17 | ~1300
Ohno gives Jun some hands-on education.

images of broken light | pg | ~3800
Ohno spends the night at Jun's.


could be an organ donor, the way I give up my heart | pg | 1000
Ten one hundred-word drabbles. Pairings include Sho/Nino, Sho/Jun, Aiba/Jun, Ohno/Nino, Aiba/Nino, Nino/Jun, and gen.

forget the monkeys | nc-17 | ~1200
"Such wisdom," Aiba whispers, and runs the sharp edge of his thumbnail across her inner thigh. “Guess you’re not drunk enough for this, Becky-chan..." Aiba/Becky smut. :)

sweetness in black coffee | pg | ~5700
Satomi's last days before graduation are filled with classes to sleep in, dreams to believe in, and wishes of kisses that taste like coffee and English conversations. Sho/Ishihara Satomi.

bits and bobs, etc. | g-pg 
Ficbits! Contains Ohno/Nino, Sho/Jun, Aiba/Sho, Aiba/Becky, etc.

the calm before the snails | pg | ~1300
High school AU, summer assignments, Jun is an honor student. And the most important question of all: does measuring the amount of paint that will build up on Captain during the course of the summer vs. the total measure of rain received during the rainy season count as a legitimate experiment? Hints at Ohno/Nino, a dash of Aiba/Sho. Prequel of sorts to fin de saison (the end of summer).

fin de saison (the end of summer) | pg | ~23,000
High school AU. Summer vacation means school projects, and through all the snails, paint splatters, basketballs and English essays, the five of them have to learn how to deal with things you could never learn in the classroom. Contains Ohno/Nino, Sho/Aiba. Written for jent_bigbang.

For No Reason | pg-13 | ~1600
Nino doesn't know how Matsuken got in his bed, but he's not about to complain. Nino/Matsuken.

A Place to Bloom | pg | ~4800
AU. Jun's new apartment feels just right to him, but Ohno thinks there might be room for one more. Jun/Ohno, Jun/Sho.

and in the ocean we'll hold hands | pg | ~1350
What happens when things become too real; or: Ohno brings a mermaid home. Ohno/a mermaid.



flowers, bright and beautiful | pg-13 | 1546 | implied klaus/sunny, implied klaus/violet
And she was a bright and beautiful flower.


fresh sheets | pg | 639 | akira/nobuta, akira/shuuji
Akira finds a lot of things disgusting lately.


The Exposure of Intellectual Discussion | pg-13 | 3007 | kyouya/tamaki
Fangirls disguised as maids, Masters Tamaki and Kyouya, and their 'intellectual discussion' behind locked doors.

what i can't say | pg | 2608 | kyouya/tamaki
What happens in the snow, stays in the snow.

clever little way | pg | 2020 | kyouya/tamaki
"Is this your clever little way of telling me you're in love with me, Tamaki?" / 50 sentences for 1sentence</lj> .


Mornings | pg | 591 | implied fai/kurogane
Mornings with Kurogane are like little snatches of perfection, and lost 'Iloveyou's, and holding in your breath.


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